Holiday time again!  Fortunately, our owners decided to spend time with us and stay in the UK rather than go on some boring foreign beach holiday. At least that way we all got to have fun together and Charlie and I had free run of the place without having to ‘do-time’ in kennels.

It took us a few hours to drive down to Hansel, near Slapton, in South Devon from our home in the Midlands, but boy was it worth it when we got there!

As soon as the car door was open and we could smell the fresh greens and hear the babbling brook, we knew we were on to a winner.  I’m a lab, so it goes without saying – me and water, we go together like ham n’ eggs! Whereas Charlie here, the young up-start – well he’s not a year old yet, so he still has a lot to learn, like when he launched himself off a rock into the stream and ended up submerged in a pool! That’ll learn him to try and copy me all the time.  Woof, I laughed but then I went back to picking up rocks!

We were away the last week in July – picked a good ‘un!  It was sunny almost every day but it often took a couple of hours for the sun to penetrate the Gara Valley.  We didn’t mind, we just loved every moment being able to wander about the place like it was ours. We felt like kings, not canines. We went to the beach at Slapton Sands and Torcross, to Start Point where the lighthouse is, and Lannacombe beach. Lannacombe was my favourite, with lots to explore and rocks to climb, although I had to turn back when I tried to follow my mistress in the canoe heading out to sea.

Monty, from Tysoe Warwickshire     

Photos by Ben Cherry