Lots of of our visitors want to know what happens to the ducklings and/or eggs they see when they visit so here’s an update.

Easter Eggs
Of the Easter ducklings we have one female, deep dark greeny black called Saffy, and two males.  Sir Francis Drake, the dark green male, and Grey Drake are beginning to challenge big Old Man Specs for his position as Top Duck.

The Heron Three
Of the seven ducklings that hatched on the wall by Mill Cottage in June we have three teenagers.  Sadly, we lost three to a hungry heron, and Polo, the duck with the web with the hole, didn’t recover from the attack. The Heron Three are fit and healthy with adult plumage, two grey and one dark green and black, and are beginning to take flying lessons.

Violet’s Nine

Violet hatched nine ducklings and we stood in awe as some of them pecked from inside their eggs and blinked damply at the world.  They are fit, strong and healthy and we hope to breed more from them as they grow.  Their father was Alice, who turned out not to be a girl, tho he has since lost an encounter with a fox and is no more.


The Two-Mum Duo
Grey Duck hasn’t really ever got it.  She abandoned her twelve eggs to play aunty and foster mum to Mrs Duckel’s Easter three, going swimming with them and baby-sitting.  This time, she’s hatched two ducklings and is playing aunty again – White Duck has abandoned her eggs and taken over as mother.  The cutest soft brown duckling is hers.