Specs in spring 2013

Sadly, Specs our big old grand daddy Muscovy drake went downstream and into eternity in August.  He was very old and had struggled to maintain his  rightful place at the peak of the pecking order for some time – John had to help him out with the aid of a gentle broom in the spring battles with the new boys.

He was named ‘Specs’ because he looked like he was wearing red glasses.  He needed them really, as this year he lost the sight in one eye.  It only added to his allure with the ladies, a charming wink still won them over.  During the summer, we noticed he was missing his landings – a few scrabbles up the netting meant he made some ungainly entrances to dinner. But when he very publicly missed the fence at Quack Cottage and fell into the garden we knew he was not long for this valley.

He’s been our emblem for years, standing his ground with all doggies great and small and unfazed by most.  Specs was already here and senior when John and I arrived five years ago and luckily he took to us quickly.  Corn played a big part in his choice of ‘friendships’.

His progeny clearly go marching on …

Hail, Specs ….