Ha… pant, … pant … it was like this ha … It was my first holiday with the folks!! Wow …. Wow what can I say …. GRRRRREAT!!!
Smells galore … lots of sticks to chase and other dogs’ chews to find.  I was a bit unsure about the stream at first, but my mate Monty showed me what to do and I love it …
… in fact I love everything about Watermill Cottages …

Oh and I’ve got to tell you … ALL THE OTHER DOGS!! It was fab! We chased one another round and round and up and down. The cottages were at the end of the lane so our owners were really chilled and relaxed about it … Makes a change!!!  But hey ….. when you have other dogs to play with, it gives your own tail a bit of a break!!!


One of my favourite walks was straight from Barleycorn Cottage, where we were staying, up the Gara River to Gara Mill. Wow it was pretty! There was bright orange cuckoo pint in the hedgerows, butterflies that needed chasing, rocks and trees covered with thick, soft lichen to bounce on. I couldn’t get enough of the smells, sights and sounds of the woodland in early summer … You don’t need me to tell you, I ran here, there and everywhere … well, you have to don’t you … don’t want to miss anything …

But the great thing was the stream was always there when you got thirsty!! 

It was heaven, Nirvanah for dogs!!! … I hope the big people come back again next year! 

Charlie, also from Tysoe Warwickshire  

Photos by Ben Cherry  


Words by Shirley Cherry