Snowdrops, aconites, primroses  are out everywhere in the Gara valley.  Violets are peeping out of Rose Cottage’s lawn and tiny cyclamen too, crocuses and hellebores in Quack’s garden, and the daffodils by the stream are just about to open. Camelias next…

Wild heliotrope is everywhere and in the wetlands and along the leat the tell-tale smell of wild garlic rises from the first leaves.  Wild garlic pesto here we come!

When I looked at the weekend, the orchard pond was bubbling with frogspawn and in the kithen garden the rhubarb is already showing short pink stems.

With so much sap rising, Jade and Ollie rushed to prune the apple trees!

We’re expecting lambs to be born here in four to six weeks’ time – they’ll be pretty ones, Jacobs crossed with Lleyn so hopefully polka dot lambs!

Powdery Duck, an experienced Muscovy Duck mum, is already on a nest so we hope to have a few ducklings at Easter, and Mallard PuddleDuck, our adopted stray has a handsome drake in tow.  He’s even flying in for breakfast.

Specs, our dear old dark green Muscovy drake is still going strong but we kept a white drake that we bred last year, just in case…

At feeding time, the ducks are regularly joined by a chaffinch pair, robins, and a squirrel.

The days lengthen – still light at 5:30!  It is springy!

Come and enjoy the early mild spring in coastal south Devon – email for availability or call on 01803 770219.  we look forward to welcoming you…